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Reiki 3 Certification Class

Service Description

Evolve your Reiki practice and embrace the profound responsibility of a Reiki Master. The Reiki 3 (Reiki Master) Certification Course represents a significant milestone in your Reiki journey. This intensive, in-person program equips you with the advanced knowledge, refined skills, and powerful attunement necessary to become a true master of this ancient healing modality. Deepen Your Expertise and Expand Your Scope of Practice: Explore the Spiritual Dimension: Delve into the esoteric aspects of Reiki, mastering techniques for facilitating profound healing and growth on a soul level. Mastery of Advanced Symbols: Receive attunements to potent Reiki Master symbols, significantly amplifying your capacity to channel healing energy and address complex issues with greater effectiveness. Embrace Global Healing: Learn to utilize Reiki for planetary well-being, raising the vibration of your community and contributing to a more peaceful world. The Sacred Trust of a Reiki Master: Cultivate Oneness: Develop a deeper understanding of the inherent Divine energy of love that permeates all existence, fostering compassion and a profound sense of interconnection. Mirrors of Transformation: Refine your discernment to recognize within yourself reflections of what requires healing in others and the world around you, empowering a ripple effect of positive change. Inner Mastery, Universal Impact: Recognize that your own ongoing healing journey directly contributes to a higher vibration in the universe, promoting global well-being. Why Choose Janice Landfair for Your Reiki Journey? Janice Landfair, Certified Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Massage Therapist, and Certified Medical Reiki Master, offers a unique and transformative learning experience. Her approach incorporates: Scientific Exploration: Explore the science of energy flow within the human body, fostering a deeper understanding of Reiki's impact. Mindful Presence Cultivation: Develop the practice of being fully present during Reiki sessions, enhancing the connection with the energy and the recipient. Preservation of Reiki Lineage: Gain a comprehensive understanding of traditional Reiki philosophies and practices, ensuring the integrity of this ancient lineage. Enrollment Prerequisites: Possession of a valid Reiki 2 Certification is mandatory.

  • From 225 US dollars
  • Haygood Road

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