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Reiki Clinic Series & Workshops

Service Description

Next Workshop: Saturday, July 27th Unveiling the Power of the Reiki II Symbols Embark on an intimate journey into the world of Reiki II symbols, delving into their meaning & significance, drawing & activation, applications for self-healing, treating others, and distant healing mastery. More about the Reiki Clinic Series: Elevate your Reiki experience with the enriching Reiki Clinic Series. This ongoing program offers a professional and supportive environment for Reiki students and practitioners of all levels (Reiki 1 and above) to cultivate their knowledge, refine their skills, and connect with a dedicated community. Designed for Continuous Learning and Growth: Diverse Educational Modules: Each workshop delves into a distinct, clinically relevant Reiki theme, fostering a comprehensive understanding of this ancient healing art. Topics are curated to enhance practical application and address contemporary needs within the field. Skill Development Through Guided Practice: Active participation is a cornerstone of the series. Guided group table healing sessions provide invaluable hands-on experience in giving and receiving Reiki, enabling you to hone your technique and gain confidence in a supportive, professional setting. Benefits of Participating in the Reiki Clinic Series: Cultivate Proficiency: Develop a deeper understanding of Reiki principles and practices through ongoing exploration of diversified topics, ensuring continuous learning and refinement of your skillset. Refine Your Technique: Practical experience through facilitated group practice sessions allows you to refine your Reiki application under the supervision of experienced practitioners, fostering increased confidence and a higher level of competency. Foster Collaboration and Community: Connect with like-minded individuals who share your passion for Reiki. Engage in meaningful dialogue, build lasting connections with fellow practitioners, and foster a supportive community that enhances your overall Reiki journey. The Reiki Clinic Series is a valuable resource for Reiki students and practitioners seeking to elevate their practice in a professional and supportive environment. Join us and embark on a rewarding journey of continuous learning, skill development, and shared exploration of this powerful healing modality. Open to Reiki 1 Students and Above!

  • 50 US dollars
  • Haygood Road

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