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Integrative Wellness Consultation

Service Description

This consultation is perfect for anyone interested in exploring integrative wellness practices or simply seeking guidance in their journey towards a life of peace and joy. During this personalized session, we'll delve into your health and wellness history, explore what's preventing you from achieving peace and joy, and collaboratively define your goals for optimal wellness. Here's what you can expect: A compassionate and supportive environment to discuss your unique needs. Exploration of your wellness history, including past experiences and current challenges. Goal setting to map your path towards a healthier and happier you. Discovery of integrative wellness solutions tailored to your preferences, whether it's Reiki, other modalities, or a combination. Development of a personalized service plan. Following your consultation, you'll have a clear understanding of your options and the next steps to embark on your personalized healing journey, as well as a partner in healing every step of the way. *Please Note: This consultation is verbal-only and will not include any physical touch.

  • 30 min
  • Haygood Road

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